Musical Musings

Finbar’s Fiddle is a musically inspired tale. The entire story is, in a way, an ode to fiddle music. I thought in this post I would share two fiddlers who inspired Finbar and the music he plays. I have posted a link to a video on Youtube for both of them. The first is Natalie MacMaster. She is a world renowned fiddle player from Cape Breton Nova Scotia. I have seen her in concert twice. If you ever get a chance to see her you .will not be disappointed.

Natalie’s Video

The second artist that inspired Finbar’s playing is actually Natalie’s Husband, Donnell Leahy. He plays in a band with his family called, appropriately, Leahy. He’s the one in the red shirt in the video.

Donnell’s Video

Both of these fiddlers have the ability to lift your spirits and chase away your sorrows. This is the kind of fiddling I had in mind for Finbar. If anyone could fiddle a cow up over the moon it would be these two.

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2 Responses to Musical Musings

  1. Lanaya says:

    Love the music! That’s really something what some people can do with an instrument.

  2. Jade says:

    I heard them at two different concerts too. You’re right they are wonderful fiddlers. Silas, I’m glad your Finbar’s Fiddle came from your love to music.

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