Christmastime’s a’ comin’

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Hitching A Ride

I’ve been making moving preparations for last few months and if you ever moved, you know how time consuming it is. That hasn’t left much time for blogging or podcasts.

One advantage of moving though is that you go through your closets and discover all kinds of things you forgot you had. I stumbled on this poem so I thought I would share it. If I could play the fiddle or steel guitar I would make it a country song but alas, I cannot. Hope you enjoy it.


Hitching a Ride

Standing on the corner of memory lane

My heart soaking wet from the pouring pain

I’m hitching a ride with your memory

To take me to where I don’t want to be

The abandoned ruins of you and me


We cross a river filled with my tears

And drive through the desert of wasted years

Your memory just won’t slow down

On it’s way to that old ghost town.


Our love lies scattered along the road

Like discarded wreckage forgotten and old

There’s nothing left for me to see

Just hitching a ride with your memory.


Oh yes we’ve made it, right on time

I can read the city limit sign

Welcome to Sorrow, Population Me

Just hitching a ride with your memory


Our love lies scattered along the road

Like discarded wreckage forgotten and old

There’s nothing left for me to see

Just hitching a ride with your memory.

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All The Creatures Were Stirring

It’s that magical time of year when everyone gathers with family and friends to celebrate the season. That means it’s time for a special Christmas episode of the Canadian Summer podcast.

Roy and Cale help out with a live nativity Christmas pageant only to find that camels really are troublemakers and sheep do not respond well to stress. Roy also wonders if it would be sacrilegious to ask Mary out on a date.

Hope you enjoy it. Listen on your drive or use it to ignore your in laws. Whatever works for you.

Here it is on iTunes



Merry Christmas!

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Redneck Reduction

It’s time for a new Thanksgiving themed Roy and Cale adventure on the podcast. This week the boy’s attend a fancy country club dinner. Cale ends up helping the kitchen while Roy just tries to survive small talk. Here’s all the links. Make sure to subscribe so you get every episode fresh out of the oven. Hope you enjoy it.



The website

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

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The Soybean Queen


It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a podcast, but here it is at last. In this episode Roy and Cale return to Roy’s home area to attend the annual soybean festival. Cale is enamored with Roy’s cousin and in an effort to impress her, ends up muddy and riding the rails. Hope you enjoy it.

Find it on iTunes.


The show’s website

Don’t forget to subscribe and leave nice reviews.

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Miss Sweetie’s Hat

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of novels by Stacey Lee. She writes great stories set in various points throughout American history. Her latest is called The Downstairs Girl, set in the “Gilded Age” of the late nineteenth century. In this story a young girl takes on the role of an anonymous advice columnist, named Miss Sweetie, in an Atlanta newspaper. She causes quite a sensation and this poem is an imagined response from an enthusiastic fan.  There’s much more to the story and you can find it here or anywhere you buy books. Enjoy:


Dear Miss Sweetie,

There’s a girl who’s got the town aflutter
She spreads her opinions around like butter
The things she says are so peculiar
But I sure would like to get more familiar
And find out just what goes on
Under Miss Sweetie’s hat.

Saucebox is her common label
But I like sauce upon my table
And I’d go without food for at least a week
If I could only take a peek
Under Miss Sweetie’s hat.

Some say don’t back an anonymous horse
For her bloodlines might be mixed of course
But I say bloodlines don’t make a winner
But rather the goodness of the heart that’s in her
And I know a heart that’s good resides
Under Miss Sweetie’s hat

My friends all say my mind is rotted
Some of them say I’m besotted.
And I hope I have not gone too far
But I know those lips I’d like to kiss are
Under Miss Sweetie’s hat.

Yours Truly,
Giddy Goober

Hope you enjoyed that, and quite frankly, I think we need to bring back the word “besotted,” and fancy hats for women, but that’s just my opinion.

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Gruene Hall

It’s been a while since I posted, and I know at least a few of you are awaiting more episodes of Canadian Summer. They are coming I promise. The main reason for the delay is that I traveled a lot over the summer, which made it hard to record podcasts. I’ll get back at it when the kids return to school. Today I want to share one of my destinations.


Gruene (pronounced Green) Hall is a legendary location, at least among country music fans. Several Texas artists got their start touring small dance halls and honky tonks like Gruene, all around the Lone Star state. Perhaps, the most famous one to play Gruene Hall is none other than George Strait. There’s even a picture of it on one of his albums.

The former town of Gruene has been subsumed into New Bruanfels, Texas and become kind of an historical island in a sea of suburbia spilling out from San Antonio.

I’d wanted to go for a long time, but this summer was the first chance I got, and I’m glad I took it. The hall is not air conditioned, which will mean some sweating if you visit in the summer. Even so, it was full of people, some dancing, others just sitting and enjoying the music.


My daughter and her friend tried their hand at the dancing, but I did my best to hold down one of the benches. I think i succeeded pretty well. The Texas heat made that ice cold Shiner taste even better.

I would recommend visiting the music hall even if you’re not a huge country fan. In some way it feels a little like stepping back in time. Old folks, young folks, and everyone in between just having a good time together. Maybe we’d all get along better if we had more places like Gruene  Hall.


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Moving Melody

A special bonus feature episode of Canadian Summer: Season One is now available. This episode is a prequel to the story. That is, it tells about an adventure that takes place before the big trip to Calgary. I hope you enjoy it.

Get it on iTunes


Listen on the website

Season two will be here soon but in the meantime I will be posting more of these bonus episodes. They’re a little shorter than the others but hopefully just as fun. Enjoy and share with your fiends.

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Rough Stock

It is time for episode 11 of the Canadian Summer podcast. This is the season 1 finale. It’s hard to believe it’s here already. In this episode, Roy and Cale try their hand at some rodeo, only to learn they shouldn’t quit their day job. If they had one, that is. Roy also gets some good news about summer.

iTunes is here.

Listen on the Website

This episode brings season one to a close, but never fear, Roy and Cale will have more adventures. Make sure to subscribe so you get every one. Will Roy and Summer ever make it work? Will Cale ever conquer his love of carbs? Stay tuned to find out.

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It’s hard to believe but we are at Episode 10 already.  In this episode the boys cross back into the United States hoping all their troubles are behind them. Unfortunately some trouble follows them south.

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iTunes is here.

The website

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