Three Reasons Why Fall is Awesome

We are in the heart of autumn. The weather is cooler and the days are shorter. I love the the fall. I think there are three reasons why the fall is great.


IMG_0794The changing leaves never cease to amaze. Something that is green for months suddenly explodes in vibrant reds, yellows, and orange. The beauty of the leaves seems almost impossible at times. Like many great and beautiful things their splendor does not last. It is a bit like life. It does not last long, but while it’s here, it’s magnificent.


IMG_0773The fall is replete with festivals. Apple festivals, pumpkin festivals, harvest festivals. Communities gather in the cool evenings and enjoy the bounty of the land. It is a time for people to be together. Even Halloween is a festival. Neighbors walk from door to door and talk with one another. Children put away their electronic devices and run down the sidewalk. We remember what it’s like to be a community.


The morning brings frost. Cool nights require thick clothing. A fire feels good at night. The heat and humidity of the summer is past.  Of course by spring we’ve had enough of the cold. We look forward to the long, hot summer days. For a brief moment in the fall though, it is wonderful. Like the leaves, it is transitory display of nature’s glory.

What do you like about fall?

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