On Winter

Right now much of America is deep in the grip of winter. Winter starts out with fluffy snow and a warm thoughts of Christmas. Bright lights decorate houses and green trees fill our living rooms. Yummy treats are available at every party.  Even the first snow is exciting and romantic.IMG_1337

Then January comes and the bitter cold comes with it. Snow becomes a hassle and the days are dark and dreary. The Christmas lights are put away. The gyms fill up as people regret all the tasty treats of the Christmas season. By February the slush and cold of winter seems almost unbearable.

But then it happens, the first warm day arrives. Snow melts and the sun feels warm again. People run outside like prisoners escaping from jail. There will be more cold days but spring is on the way.

Life’s endeavors are similar. They often start with excitement but as they continue they enter a long hard winter of labor. Sometimes it seems like they will never come to fruition. Like winter though, it does come to an end. Spring arrives and the flowers return. Someday those labors will pay off and our endeavors will soar. This is the hope we must cling to as we work.  Now if you’ll excuse me I need some hot chocolate.

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1 Response to On Winter

  1. Carol Fischer Davis says:

    Merrill’s mother said, “As the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen.” And so it is, at least, this year!

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