Subtle Beauty

IMG_1855 There’s nothing better than a summer road trip. The road may lead to the beach, the mountains, or a loved one’s front door. No matter where it goes, though, it leads to great memories. People travel for many reasons. Some like to shop, some like see historic sites, some visit friends. Many people travel simply for beauty. Travelers flock to national parks, seashores and forests to look upon stunning scenery.

These places hold a majesty that sticks with us long after the vacation is over. I suppose my favorite traveling brings me to places like these.







There’s a more subtle beauty though, that can be found almost anywhere. It’s found in the ripples on a small pond or the graceful bend of an old tree. Perhaps they don’t have the awe-inspiring grandeur of sea cliffs but there’s a quiet grace to them. The gentle clouds in the vast expanse of a prairie sky don’t shout like a waterfall. They simply wait patiently for us to notice them.

IMG_2013Often we don’t see this subtle beauty unless we look for it. It’s easy to miss as we rush down the freeway. In all the hustle and bustle of the summer take a moment to find the subtle beauty around you. Stop and actually smell the roses. Watch some ducks swim across a pond. Admire the wind rippling through the grass. Happy Summer, everyone. What is your favorite subtle beauty?


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