Autumn Moments

IMG_0794Now that it’s October, I am ready once again to celebrate the glorious season of Autumn, or fall as we call it in the U.S. In our plugged-in, air-conditioned, climate controlled world, fall still reminds us of both the glory and impermanence of our lives.

Modern life has isolated us from nature to a great degree, but the changing seasons still demand our attention. Fall especially beckons us with it’s brilliant colors and cooler weather. We rush outside with a pumpkin-spiced beverage in hand to enjoy the fall leaves. We feel refreshed by the cooler weather as we walk through an apple festival or some other faint reminder of an agrarian past. Everything is just right. The leaves explode with colors that seem too fantastic for nature. It’s like God got a new version of photoshop and is trying it out on everything. We can be outside without sweating or freezing. Life for a moment is perfect. It’s so awesome in fact we might even forget to take the obligatory fall seflie. Oh, who am I kidding of course we’ll take that selfie.

Fall doesn’t last long though. In a few days the leaves that are so brilliant start to fade. The air gets colder and they tumble to the ground. November brings cold rain and brief hints of the winter to come. Perhaps that’s why fall is so cherished because people know it will be gone soon.

Life is full of seasons as well. We all face times of pain and misery in our lives, but we also have periods of joy and celebration. Like fall, all the seasons in our life fade away. Sometimes that’s a good thing, at other times it brings sadness. The bittersweet truth of life is that things change.

I didn’t write this post to mourn that fact. I wrote it instead to encourage you treat the moments of your life like a beautiful fall day. Get out there and enjoy it. Savor those joyous seasons. Don’t get so caught up in tweeting about them that you forget to enjoy them. Let the world narrow down to just that moment as if nothing else existed. Push your cares and fears to the side for a bit and relish the wonderful season.

ForestMany of life’s best moments can never be repeated. The birth of a child, a wedding, a really good meal with friends. In today’s hyper-connected world we often get so obsessed with documenting these moments that we miss the experience. We are like a person who watches an entire concert on their cellphone instead of just letting the music wash over them. Take those fleeting moments of joy in your life and live them to the fullest. Don’t let tomorrow’s worries or yesterday’s regrets get in the way. The season will fade, enjoy it while you can. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, put your phone down, and get out there and enjoy this fall. You can tweet about it later.

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