Summer Travels

September is here already and it’s hard to believe that summer is over. Every year it goes by so fast, but the stores are full of pumpkins and candy corn, so I guess Fall is upon us. This summer I didn’t get much writing done, but I did do some traveling which is good for the creative juices.

In June I got the chance to return Pella, Iowa. Pella is a small town in Southeastern Iowa founded by people from the Netherlands. They still celebrate their Dutch heritage in the architecture, bakeries and a festival in May. The bakeries were definitely my favorite part as they offered an endless variety of pastries and cookies.


Bakery full of delicious options

In late July and early August the family and  traveled up to New England. It was good to see the historic sites of Boston and the scenery in Maine was incredible.


Old North Church, Boston


Acadia National Park

We even made it to a tiny corner of Canada where the amazing tides of the Bay of Fundy brought in playful sea lions. The beautiful scenery was only surpassed by the beautiful temperatures. Highs in the seventies Fahrenheit were just what the doctor ordered after driving up from the steamy South.


Oh Canada

Most of my books involve road trips or journeys and these summer trips tend to spark moments of inspiration for books yet to come. Happy Fall everyone.


U.S.S. Constellation Baltimore


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