Canadian Summer

CA Summer (1).pngIf you’ve followed this blog lately you’ll know I’ve been working on podcasting. I recently published two short story podcasts, which I hope you enjoyed. Those were all done as preparation for this moment. I am excited to announce the first episode of my newest podcast Canadian Summer is now available.

Find it here on iTunes.

Canadian Summer is a fiction podcast that tells the story of two college boys, Roy and Cale, as they journey to the Calgary Stampede. Along the way they meet with various wacky characters, and have some misadventures. They also get to know some lovely Canadian ladies, and learn that not all Canadians as are as friendly as advertised. I hope you enjoy it. The story will be told in episodes

“But Silas,” you say. “I don’t have the iTunes can I still get your podcast?”

Yes, yes you can.

Here’s the podcast website.

In this episode entitled, Heartache in a Hardhat, Roy and Cale come across a lovely distraction while sitting in traffic near Spearfish, South Dakota. This turns out to be a bit more than they bargained for when they run afoul of jealous boyfriends and angry cell tower builders. Hope you enjoy it.

Don’t forget to subscribe because each week a new episode will arrive as the boys have more adventures. Stay tuned.

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